Darubini Project

Darubini Project aims to address challenges such as teenage pregnancy, child and forced marriage, gender-based violence (GBV), gender inequality, male engagement in sexual reproductive health,  that prevent young people, especially girls from accessing education.

We use storytelling and 3D animation to create positive and lasting changes in the community.

Project status: On going

The issue we addressing

Tanzania belongs to one of the countries in Sub-Saharan Africa which has a tremendous problem among adolescent girls having a teenage pregnancy. Despite the provided free education for students by the Tanzanian government, the country has the 17th highest fertility rate in Africa (UNFPA 2013). According to the 2015-16 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey (TDHS), approximately 1-in-4 adolescent girls had given birth to one or more children. Girls in rural areas are more likely to become pregnant at an early age with 32% of rural teenagers having been pregnant as compared to 19% of urban teenagers. Over 50% of teenagers with no education have given birth or are pregnant, as compared to only 10% of those with secondary or higher education (UNFPA 2013).

In Tanzania, schoolgirls are routinely forced to undergo mandatory pregnancy tests and are expelled from school if found to be pregnant. While the actual laws say that all adolescents should have equal access to education and privacy, there is widespread belief that expulsion for pregnant girls is mandatory, and the practise of expulsion is extremely common. Not obtaining a sufficient level of education means that these young mothers will be unable to contribute to the economic development of Tanzania, and jeopardizes the ability to realize several of the SDGs, including SDG 4: Quality Education, SGD 5: Gender Equality, and SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth (UNFPA 2013).

Therefore, the Darubini Project finds dialog about SRH to be very crucial to influence the behavioural change among adolescents who are found within school environments. Currently, less than 50% of government schools in Tanzania provide any sort of comprehensive sexuality education and only 25.8% of government schools have one or more teachers who are trained to provide health and reproductive education (United Republic of Tanzania, 2017).

Our approach

To address these issues, we use storytelling via 3D animation videos to produce an edutainment series called Harakati za Lucy, which in Swahili can be translated into English as “the struggles of Lucy.” In the series of episodes, the main character, Lucy, and her friends are confronted with different SRH problems, including teenage pregnancy, child marriage, MHM, puberty, and so on. The aim is to create positive and lasting changes for adolescents in the community and increase their knowledge of these issues. The episodes and the partnering activities will be in Swahili, the national language of Tanzania, so that the intended message will easily be conveyed to adolescents and communities.

Group discussion

We facilitate group discussion in order to involve students and make them reflect on the issues that are affecting them

Animation Videos

We use 3D animation video to disseminate educational  materials to student so as to create an engaging learning environment

Debate contest

We organize debate contest on SRH topics, to raise awareness in secondary schools, and beyond.


With the 3D animation series at the center, the project spreads out into two areas: the Teen Platform and community sensitization. The Teen Platform is the engagement of secondary school children and the community sensitization is focused on engaging the community primarily through social media platforms.

The Teen Platform focuses on actual engagement, screening the 3D animation, and creating a space to open dialog about puberty, SRH, STIs, teen pregnancy, and other issues adolescents face in their everyday life. After viewing each episode, students will be divided into groups to discuss the issues presented in the film with Tai volunteers.

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