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Teenage girls for sustainable solutions

On Friday 10th February our Jali Ambassador Violet Whiting had the opportunity to meet a group of female students in Makumbusho Secondary School. They were within the age 13 to 17 years old and Violet talked to them about menstruation, disposable sanitary pads, reusable sanitary pads and she gave away 50 samples of reusable pads for a few girls to try. The pads she had produced back home in the UK where she is working hard to fundraise the upstart of a reusable sanitary pads production here at TAI Tanzania.

The talk started with the following question: "Has everyone in the room (students) already had their first period; and if not all, have they already received training or “a talk” about periods?"

Some of the girls replied they haven’t started their period yet and haven’t received any information about it. So Violet started explaining to them what happens when we have our periods, the importance of it, why we are using reusable sanitary pads.

Then they went on to discussing the importance of girls getting an education and about the importance of staying clean.

Violet also asked girls if they are using disposable pads or a piece of cloth while they are in their menses, to which some of them replied they are using a piece of cloth as pad during their period. This made it easy for Violet to introduce to them the reusable sanitary pads and explain to them the difference between reusable pads and the piece of cloth they are using.

The girls were shown each pieces of fabric used to make these reusable pads so they can touch and feel the fabrics and feel safe to use them.

Nearly all the girls were happy and keen to try the reusable pads, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough for all girls.

Some of the girls requested the project to make more of these reusable pads and even to sell them to them for an affordable price as they prefer using reusable pads rather than the disposable ones.

It felt good to talk with these girls and to see them being very free to ask questions about the menstrual cycle, period pain, skipping period etc. and also to be able to answer their questions.

We wish to thank all those who have supported us in the Jali Project so far, for arranging this and for all the good work they do to help girls to stay in school.

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