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Deep diving in Menstrual Hygiene Management education

With over three years of experience running Jali Project, the past two months we had the opportunity to facilitate at Mtakuja Beach Secondary School, Manzese Secondary School for the July – August training cycle and Lyandembela Secondary School in Ifunda, Iringa. In Dar es Salaam the cycle officially started on July 5th and 6th 2018 when we held Induction for our new volunteers at the American corner. Teaching at the schools started on 10th July for Mtakuja and 11th July for Manzese Secondary School. At Lyandembela Secondary School, Ifunda, the cycle officially started in 22nd July 2018 whereby the Induction with the volunteers and training started 23rd July 2018 to 17th August 2018.

Six volunteers in Lyandembela Secondary School, Ifunda. After Induction.

The training covered topics such as health and hygiene, growth and puberty, menstrual cycle, menstrual hygiene and irregularity and pain. The project progressed smoothly for the following weeks until the end. In Dar es Salaam we had a closing ceremony on 14th August at Mtakuja and 15th August at Manzese where all the form one students were given a toothbrush and toothpaste and girls were given 5 packs of sanitary pads each. At Lyandembela Secondary School In Ifunda the closing ceremony was very successfully held on 17th August, when all girls of Form I to Form IV received pads and boys respectively toothpaste and toothbrush..

Jali Class Facilitators at work in Mtakuja Beach Secondary School, Dar es Salaam.

As a symbol of our appreciation special presents were given to the 10 champions at Manzese, 14 champions at Mtakuja and 20 champions at Lyandembela Secondary School, with an equal number of girls and boys. They received a counter book, ruler, pencils and pens and at Lyandembela Secondary School the girl received additionally extra pads. Those champions were chosen for their outstanding attendance and participation while teaching and their common motivation to form school clubs which aim to make MHM knowledge sustainable through peer to peer education.

Jali Class Facilitators at work in Lyandembela Secondary School, Ifunda.

The closing event at Lyandembela Secondary School deserves special attention, here we did not only here great speeches of the headmaster and the special guests, but moreover we listened to a moving speech from a Form 4 student about the struggles students face at their school and we were entertained by different student groups: performing dancing, summersaults and a fashion show!.

Closing event at Lyandembela Secondary School, Ifunda.

In Dar Es Salaam we were able to train 380 students at Mtakuja Beach Secondary School, whereby 186 students were girls and 194 boys. We were also able to train 454 students at Manzese, whereof 240 students were girls and 214 boys. In Ifunda we trained all 678 students of Lyandembela Secondary School, whereby 398 students were girls and 280 boys.

Students at Lyandembela Secondary School receiving pads and gifts.

Approximately 2000+ pads were given out at the closing events in Dar es Salaam and 500 pads were given out in Ifunda.

Students at Manzese Secondary School receiving pads and gifts.

Furthermore, the volunteers were given soft skills training on budgeting and on how to use social media on Thursdays when they came for the evaluation sessions to the office.

Tai Volunteers at Lyandembela Secondary School preparing for the event.

Our special thanks goes to Walser’s Tanzanian Charity, without their initiative the project in Ifunda would not have been possible. Also, Christian Noah from Colgate supported us with 850+ toothbrushes and toothpastes to give out to every student at the schools and our partner Kay’s hygiene who provided us with pads at a special price, so that we were able to hand out altogether 2000 pads thanks to fundraising of our Tai ambassadors Polly Selkirk and Katharina Bandmann. Furthermore, we want to thank Ritha Tarimo from Rise with Hope, the team of eShangazi and Alban Tanda, the District Education Officer for being our role models at the closing events at the respected schools. We would also like to thank Mrs. Towo, Deputy Headmistress of Mtakuja Beach Secondary School, Mr. Bonaventure, Discipline master at Manzese Secondary School and Mr. Nyakunga, Headmaster of Lyandembela Secondary School, for speaking at the closing ceremony – as well as Father Gosbert Mlambia, Frt. Isaac Nzigilwa, Moses Madembwe, Antrida Kibasa, Happiness Kigona, Chrupin J. Hadnga, Upendo Mungwira, Kayus P. Kihwele and Ruth Stephen Kileo.

Asante sana to all of you – with you we impact & make a difference!

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