• Blandina Malinzi

Modern technology brings new perceptive to education in Tanzania

“Modern technology continues to make an impact to society as more companies, NGO’s and schools use technology to enhance learning and create awareness”.

In the last decade technology has made a huge impact in our lives from education to businesses; technology has been making its presence known everywhere and its impact on education cannot be ignored.

Today, Tanzanian schools are pressuring the government to improve and help more on technology and communication. Teachers are using and teaching technology in classrooms.

In addition, parents are also pressuring schools in improving technology so that their children can build up their skills so as to help them in their endeavors.

Image courtesy of pixabay.

The 3D animation technology is used as a communication tool due to its ability to attract and hold audiences’ attention especially when dealing with young minds. Teaching institutions for instance, are using these new innovative tools for edutainment purpose, which is a creative and fun way to enhance learning and to reach the public.

We now live in an era where web series, 3D animations and others as the most watched form of educational, entertainment. Corporate, brands, government and non-government organizations in Tanzania NGO’s in Tanzania are embracing this trend through creation of animated series to capture audiences’ interest, raise awareness and educating to educate on importance issues.

Image courtesy of Tai Studio.

Tai Studio which is under the NGO was founded earlier this year to fully utilize the 3D animation technology through its Harakati za Lucy miniseries which aims in creating awareness among girls and boys in secondary school on adolescence, teenage pregnancy risks, through sexual reproductive health (SRH) and addressing issues affecting adolescent hood in order to realize their full potential.

It is therefore, vital for schools and government to provide and improve information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure in schools as this can help to reduce, prevent and eventually end teenage pregnancies. By doing this in unison we are sure to reduce the number of girl school dropout and build a nation of happy youths who are the future!

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