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Being A Volunteer Can Transform Your Life – But Not Enough People Know This Yet!

Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more." - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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I recall my time at Cape Town Youth Television in South Africa. I was volunteering as a co-producer to produce an environmental show called Ekese alongside the main producers of the show.

Working at an international media house was a lot challenging at first, as I had never worked in the television industry before, and on top of it all I was a nerve wreck on first few weeks seeing as I did not want to mess up the opportunity.

However, I was able to learn a lot in the end, met and interviewed prominent South African media personalities some of whom gave me profound advice that I have took to heart even to date. I learnt from preparing the show’s episodes from scratch, coming up with creative content to scheduling interview sessions.

Overall, my skill and personal confidence was boosted such that if Oprah Winfrey where to magically appear right now, I would nail the interview spot on!

I also had a chance to tour around the touristic Cape Town with its beautiful warm weather, meeting new people in company of my younger siblings, though learning the local languages was somewhat a challenge, perhaps I will be successful next time I visit Cape Town!

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Such experiences as this contribute to personal development such as self-fulfillment, self-confidence, and self-esteem as one gets to also learn from respective industry be it Media, Social work, Business, and Environmental etc.

Volunteering is a desire to help one’s community but it unfortunate that graduates do not understand the importance of volunteering. What most of them aspire for is securing a well paid job straight away from college whilst overlooking the positivity of volunteering or interning which helps strengthen character and widen career prospect.

Volunteering is a spiritual development as it makes one feel good as a person. By making an impact on someone’s life there is an emotional uplifting experience that cannot be replaced with money or fame.

In addition volunteers get to witness how their contribution through organizations and society they work, pay off and make a difference. It gets better even as volunteering may actually open doors to better or permanent employment at same posts or someplace else!

One of Tai Tanzania volunteers having in a session with girls on menstrual hygiene management MHM. (Image courtesy of Tai Studio)

Volunteering can the help individual to improve in many different areas from communication skills, time management, inter-personal skills, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, learning about different cultures and having the ability to work with others, learning how to cope with deadlines, ability to take direction and lead others and staying committed to your work.

Many individuals don’t realize volunteering can pay off as employees are fully aware of your hard work, the way your working hard can pay off. When employers see volunteers working hard at work they might end up taking you into consideration!.

Every industry values volunteer work, so it’s time to dust out those resume and include your volunteering experiences. Whether you are actively affiliated with an organization or dedicate to a few hours to a local women’s organization every month, include it as it can help you in your future endeavors!

“Doing an internship at TAI means everyday will be different, you get to experience many parts of a project, you are not limited to your own role”, notes Lione Werner, political and social studies from German and former Tai volunteer.

Image courtesy of Tai Studio

Here at Tai Tanzania, we offer both volunteer and internship opportunity to both international and local candidates in the departments of their choice. This opportunity opens up a door for training, teaching, building character and skills while making a difference in the lives of youths.

We are also currently looking for 3D animator interns, whether you are a recent graduate or not and looking to support a worthy cause give us a visit at our offices, a call or write a few lines on email.

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