• Blandina Malinzi

My First University Exam Experience

After trials and tribulations I faced during my junior and high school, I couldn’t believe that I was finally heading to University. I looked forward to it as this was my first step to being a journalist, something I loved since childhood.(Image courtesy of pixabay)

My first exam experience is one I’ll remember for a long time to come. Our lectures had made announcements regarding forthcoming exams, encouraging us to make early preparations and ask necessary questions. (Image courtesy of pixabay)

Finally, the exam day arrived, I left home early to be on the same side. Outside the exam hall, there I stood holding all exam necessities, as I look around I see everyone conversing and laughing while I tried to stay calm. The number one thing I learned from my first exam: don’t discuss the exam 15minutes before writing the exam.

A few minutes later I was inside the exam hall, the invigilator instructed where everyone should sit. As I sat down I recall feeling unprepared even though I actually done a lot of reading. I gave myself one last pep talk that there’s only so much studying one can do. My family always say just do your best and let everything else fall into place. (Image courtesy of pixabay)

In the examination room wait until the instructor tells you to start the exam, take a few minutes to read over the exam thoroughly, and then plan the time you want to spend on each question or section.

Once I was done I checked once again my answers, I then closed my exam paper and gave it to the instructor. I knew in my heart I did the best of my ability and I felt pretty awesome about it!

Exams make up a big percent of students’ grades but when you happen to fail one just remember it is not the end of the world! It’s important to prepare through reading, but mental preparation is also crucial before any exam. You need to stay calm at all times, listen to music, read novels, watch movies, do group discussions, take naps or go for a swim, jog, run, anything of your interest that will maintain low stress level. (Image courtesy of pixabay)

After the exam don’t discuss anything with your classmate just focus on upcoming holidays, a movie, listen to music, and discuss what you’re going to do after the exam and remain positive at all times. Your classmates will be asking how the exam was, do not entertainment such query, some are testing you and are actually nervous themselves.

Although stress can be a good motivating factor in ensuring that you’re studying, but whenever its exam season, I always try to stop studying a little while before my exam. I try to do something else for at least an hour to keep my mind off exam so that I have time to calm down which normally helps.

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