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Innovation: The power of using storytelling to inspire behavior change

If you look at history, innovation doesn't come just from giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.

  • Steven Johnson

And what does innovation mean for Tai Tanzania? For us sit means educating young people through 3D animation on sexual and reproductive health. We have a vision to scale up and create more impact in local communities. Tai envisions a society where youth are responsible leaders in sustainable development. And we strive to empower youth in Tanzania by creating awareness, building capacity, and practical engagement.

“We aspire for change and growth, meaning we capitalize in providing positive change in our community and gain personal and professional growth.”

By engaging in Innovation Week 2019 the Tai Team of local and international volunteers had the chance to present “Harakati za Lucy” and Tai to the audience. Through 3D animation we are able to educate and raise awareness on topics like sexual reproductive health, equality, early marriage and teenage pregnancy. We are collecting stories from students, friends and our own experience to make “Harakati za Lucy” most realistic. The main character is Lucy who is getting into puberty and starts to experience all the changes that come with it and also the challenges that she and her friends are going through. Lucy is portrayed as a woman who stands up for herself and others, she empowers the people around her and never stops asking why. With the series we intend to convey educational messages and to empower Tanzania’s youth to pursue their dreams, to question social norms and to make a positive change in the communities.

“The purpose of Innovation Week is to inspire the current and future leaders in Tanzania to take risks on new ideas, collaborate across sectors, and transform Tanzania through the scaling of innovation. How is that made possible?

In 2015, HDIF opened the first Innovation Week in Tanzania to support Entrepreneurship and Innovation. With partners like UKAid, COSTECH, SmartLab and many more, it was possible to open the event for the 5th time.

Event partners are typically individuals and organizations from diverse sectors who share insights on innovation in their field of expertise to audiences and collaborators from across sectors, which makes Innovation Week an event of diversity and exchange. As it is already said in the name of the event, it is all about innovation. Innovation in Tanzania means for HDIF providing new solutions to existing challenges to move forward and to become better as a country.

Innovation week opened up a platform for various organizations to come together for one week and to have the chance to present their ideas to the public as well as connecting to the visitors and partners.

For us, Innovation Week was such an amazing opportunity to raise more awareness, connect to other organizations, getting into dialogues with various people and to exchange ideas.

If you would like to volunteer with us and if you want to be a part of changing your community for the better, you can apply here:

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