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Volunteers + Tai = Awesomeness

What is Tai? Who is Tai? We normally answer those questions by explaining our higher goal, the one which we all are striving for – as an NGO, we aim to impact community, to make a difference - as a youth-led organisation, we aspire for change and growth. With the vision of a society where youth are responsible leaders in sustainable development. With the mission to empower youth in Tanzania by creating awareness, building capacity, and practical engagement.

But again, who is Tai? And who is essential for the success of our Jali project? Obviously, there is a team behind it, people who work from 9 am to 5 pm behind tables, typing and planning, challenged, but growing, from day to day.

Though, on the basis are our volunteers. In the last cycle from July to August, we were able to teach at altogether 3 schools which would not have been possible without our 35 volunteers. They were essential – in both preparing and implementing the Jali Project up to making it a success!

While this cycle of Jali Project, every week our volunteers were going to the schools 2 to 4 times a week, training in 1 to 4 different classes. Teaching consists of more than just reading from a piece of paper. As such, the preparation time, which they invested in our common goal – changing the lives of young girls and boys – must not be ignored.

Moreover, it involved the preparation of teaching materials in order to simplify the understanding and learning process for our students. Another part included answering the endless questions we received from our students on MHM, those again proofed to us how relevant our teachings are.

Our volunteers covered in six and four weeks the topics of health and hygiene, growth and puberty, menstrual cycle, menstrual hygiene and irregularity and pain. With their enthusiasm and energy our volunteers were able to both integrate fun as well as MHM knowledge in their training sessions.

Moreover, they had to monitor and evaluate each teaching session which helped us to understand, where and what we have to improve, and which challenges our volunteers face. Therefore, they also came once a week to our office, giving feedback in our evaluation sessions and receiving a soft skill training, for instance on teaching, teamwork, social media and budgeting.

Our volunteers were last but not least an indispensable part in the closing ceremonies of the Jali Project, whereby they took part in preparation and supported us to make the whole event a success.

We thank our volunteers for their engagement in the Jali Project and making it possible this year!

You are part of something bigger – alone we can do so little, but together we impact & make a difference.

Asante sana – for your hard work, dedication, energy, positivity and enthusiasm!

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