Start of new training session at Salma Kikwete Secondary School

April 25, 2018

On Thursday, April 12th, a new Jali Project training cycle started at the Salma Kikwete Secondary School. 18 volunteers, Tanzanian university students or recent graduates, who were previously trained at the Tai office, taught around 600 young girls and boys from six different classes about general hygiene. The students learned about hygiene habits, including practical exercises on brushing teeth and washing hands, but were also taught what kind of food and physical exercise is necessary for a healthy life style.


The next session will be held Thursday, April 19th. The upcoming topics for the next weeks are: growth and puberty, the menstrual cycle, menstrual hygiene, pregnancy and birth, STDs, relationships and gender equality. We will integrate our 3D animation Harakati za lucy into the teaching sessions, which deals with challenges that girls face

during their menstruation in a teenager-friendly way.


Every Wednesday, we meet our volunteers in the Tai office to discuss with them the challenges faced during the teaching sessions and monitor the last session. Furthermore, our Jahazi team members join us to give the volunteers soft skill training on important job-related topics such as personal branding, networking, communication skills or how to use social media effectively.


We are very happy that the new training cycle started so well and are looking forward to the next training weeks. We will keep you updated, which celebrity will join us for our recap and closing event in May!


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