Inspiring and supporting next generation of Animators in Tanzania

December 18, 2018

 Image courtesy of Tai Studio.


Animation continues to give a lasting impression on audiences around the globe and make wave for the next generation of animators in Tanzania.


Tanzania has been embracing animation for several years making it one of the fastest growing industries in Africa especially, as the availability of television; cinema and Internet becomes more demanding, and so is the increase of animation films.


With the success of animated films in the last few years, Tanzania has been taking this new innovation to next level by creating and producing 3D animation video contents.


Some of the prominent animation producers in Tanzania include; Triggerfish, Ubongo Kids, and Tai Studio are producing enriching video content.


Tai Studio uses 3D Video Animation to raise and educate for social change but also making it entertaining in hopes to spark a conversation among those who watch the animations that is children, adults and teachers.


 Image courtesy of Tai Studio


Tai Studios is also giving opportunities and opening doors to young animators in Tanzania so that they can be able to fulfill their hopes and dreams.


They have been a couple of other animated series produced in Africa from Ubongo Kids (2014) and Tinga from Kenya (2011).


Ubongo Kids Production has a math edutainment cartoon series designed to help kids discover the joys of math through fun, local stories and song. They give educators a way to not only tap into young minds but also motivate them to real world actions.


We are humans and humans appeal to emotions and animation has a way of tapping into that among its audience. A student can learn from animation as they witness and resonate with a favorite character in similar situation or experience that they can learn from.



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