Fundraising and Raising Awareness in the Digital Age

February 15, 2019

 (Image courtesy of pixabay)


With the advent of the internet, the communication environment for organizations and non-profits has changed drastically. Organizations are finding new ways to implement new media and e-commerce in their organizations at a fast speed level.


This in turn has led to better-organized production structures; it has improved their economy of scale and intensified co-operation. The internet has helped non-profit organizations solidify their online presence.


Long before the internet arrived, it was hard to find any sort of information on charities, organizations and non-profits. There was literally no marketing for non- profits, charities and organizations. Back then they used traditional media to promote their mission, vision and cause and work on TV, radio, newspaper and magazines.Image courtesy of pixabay


The exciting and wonderful thing about the modern technology is organizations, charities and non-profit organization can now have an online presence where they can communicate with their audiences and the community at large.


They are now more than ever able to build relationships and get new clients audience they can communicate through email, social media and websites by keeping them up to date with the latest’s news, events, stories and many more.


Tai Tanzania has also fully embraced technology in this new media era using 3D animations to raise awareness on issues affecting adolescent girls and boys, educating them on sexual reproductive health thus empowering them and also to reduce teen pregnancies.

 Video courtesy of Tai Studio


In order to update our audiences and the community, we write articles that touch base on what is currently happening in Tanzania such as gender equality, child marriage, volunteerism spirit, teen pregnancy and the use of animation in tackling social issues in the country.  Our audiences can read our articles through our website and social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ where we post the articles there.


Technology has managed to help charities and organizations to find sustainable solutions on how they can promote their causes, communicate and help the community more! It has become much easier to get word out on the streets.

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