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TAI - Tanzania Aspiration Initiatives

We envision improved social welfare for everyone

“We are a local non-governmental organization with the mission to work in partnership with different communities thereby maximizing social welfare of the Tanzanian society”

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Health Projects

About half of the Tanzanians population suffer from preventable diseases. The health initiative comes with different projects which improves the social well-being of the society.

Education Projects

In 2012, 60.6% of secondary school students Failed and 23,520 students which is equal to 5% passed. Through a number of projects ran by this initiative we work to improve education in Tanzania.


Taking part in an event with TAI could be the best thing you do all year! Use this section to learn more about our events and sign up, or join us for event management to ensure positive impact in our community

Leadership Program

A program that addresses critical issues in Tanzania, by developing leaders and promoting innovation in the community based projects.

Who we are

Our Mission

Our mission is to work in partnership with different communities by being responsive, informed, reflective, collaborative and innovative thereby maximizing social welfare of the society.

Our Vision

TAI has one vision which is "Improved social welfare for everyone"

TAI was founded in 2012, after the youth National Leadership Development Seminar held in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania where four friends who were part of the delegation went to learn about leadership and came up with an idea of establishing a non-profit organization which will have a direct positive impact in the society and improve social welfare for everyone. These four friends now form the board of Co-founders of TAI: Ian, Gwamaka, Alphonce and Frank.

Today TAI is an ambitious NGO with a vision to improve social welfare for everyone, as the name “Tanzania AspiratioInitiatives” we have five initiatives which are Health, Education, Environment, Entrepreneurship and ICT where in each initiative there are a number of programs which are to improve social welfare for everyone.

TAI is a Tanzania local movement of youth activists and different supporters who work to ensure improvement social welfare for everyone. We are passionate social agent of change who are dedicated to change the world which faces a lot of problems including poverty, public health, education, environment as well as technology

T - Tanzania: we focus on Tanzanian society and project because this is our country of origin and we want to give back and foster sustainable development for less privileged communities
A - Aspiration: we hope and strive for a better future for all Tanzanians and thus TAI is committed to encouraging aspiration amongst its members, partners and communities, as the word mean "an organization's need to meet realistic goals, receive feedback and experience a sense of accomplishment" TAI with the big vision like eagle have a lot of things to accomplish so as to maximize social welfare in the society.
I - Initiatives: we believe that everyone can be the change you want to see in the world. By starting initiatives in our five key areas health, education, entrepreneurship, environment and ICT we want to join forces and have a sustainable impact through different projects.

What we do

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TAI as the organization runs a number of Initiatives for Tanzanian community, there are five initiatives which involves Health, Education, Environment, Entrepreneurship and ICT. All these initiatives has a number of projects that improves social welfare in the community.

Currently we are running four projects which falls under two initiatives i.e. Health and education.

Health Projects

MiMi Project(Proper handwashing with soap for children)
MiMi abbreviation for Mikono Ming’avu, a Swahili word means “Neat Hands”. MiMi Project is a series of Hand washing events for school pupils to make them aware of the importance of Hygiene through proper hand washing with soap. This project is currently running in Dar Es Saalm primary schools. Research has shown that proper hand washing habits can contribute to reduce diarrhea by up to 45% as well as pneumonia.

KiKi Project(Proper toothbrushing for children)
KiKi abbreviation for Kinywa Kisafi, a Swahili word means "clean mouth". KiKi Project is ran together with MiMi project, where we train children to brush their teeth properly. This project goes together with donation toothbrushes to make the children getting used to the habbit of brushing their teeth at least twice a day which is recommended with the dentists

Wajali Project(Supporting girls on their period for healthy education
Wajali a Swahili word means caring, Access to sanitary pads have been a problem for girls due to poverty, this problem is observed mostly in rural areas like Tanga, Kilwa, Morogoro e.t.c. where girls miss a week of school every month when they have their period because they don't have access to sanitary pads. Wajali project focuses on supplying safe and affordable sanitary pads and helping girls win back up to 12 weeks of school each year by helping them manage their period in a more hygienic and healthy way.

Education Projects

Jahazi Project
The way we operate in this project involves secondary school students, supporting them to know about their career what they would really like to do, as for now is quite a problem... Most kids have no idea of what they would like to achieve in their lives. So the project is divided into two parts one being Training(Workshops) and the other is Events that are in form of a forum.

The Projects Gallery

Since we were established we have ran a couple of projects and impacted a number of lives. Some of the pictures from the project are as displayed below

Get Involved

Inspired by the work that TAI does? and would you like to take a chance and get involved? You're in the right place, because TAI is giving you a big platform to be part of the movement by participating on the programs that we do through different ways. If you're interested in improving the social welfare of people in Tanzania.
Get involved in the initiatives that find solutions to the most pressing global issues like poverty, hunger, education, technology and environmental degradation. In TAI you will get an opportunity to either volunteer (Physically and virtually), fundraise as well as participate in our events

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Our partners

We believe in our values, living the "Collaboration" value gives us an opportunity to work under collaborative environment with different organizations and companies"

Bumbuli Development Corporation Cambridge Developement Initiatives Kipaji Foundation partner 4

Our Team

Ian Tarimo
Co-founder, Executive Director


Gwamaka Mwabuka
Co-founder, Executive Secretary


Alphonce Haule
Co-founder, Human Resources Manager


Contact us

TAI is established in Dar Es Salaam where it operates from, but it has a big goal of achieving impact in all regions of Tanzania. Currently TAI is running projects in Dar Es Salaam and Tanga with a plan to expand to Arusha, Mtwara as well as Moshi.