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About us

Tai Tanzania is a youth-led NGO in Tanzania that uses storytelling and technology to inspire social behavioral change in our community and across the continent. We produce animations, comics and radio drama as intervention tools to ensure all young people can access education.

Our Vision

Equal access to education for all young people in Tanzania

Our Mission

Influencing positive behavior change among young people & communities across Tanzania by increasing access to information & facilitating dialogue on issues that prevent young people from acquiring education.

Our Approach

Our approach includes 4 consecutive stages

  • Research & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Edutainment Content Production
  • Dissemination and Community Dialogues and
  • Impact Assessment

Our Values






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Upcoming Events

True Colors Staff Training

From: Mar 20, 2024 - To: Dec 31, 2025


At Tai, excellence is one of our core values and staff training is necessary to ensure we perform better. Team Tai had a training on "TRUE CLOURS", trained by Maggie MacDonnel from Canada who received her Global Teacher prize award from Sunny Varkey as the best teacher in the world in 2017 . With the True Color training our team was able to identify various personality styles of the colleagues and label them with colors , it also helped to support team building and provided insights on how we can be able to pitch and present to people with different personalities . The experience was truly wonderful and worth it for everyone on the team.

ByTai Tanzania


From: Mar 04, 2024 - To: Mar 04, 2024


Sauti ya Dada is a transformative program designed to provide adolescent girls with a nurturing environment to access information, exchange ideas, and acquire tools essential for their leadership development. With a focus on empowering girls to activate their potential and contribute positively to their communities, our program impacts a cohort of 30 girls. Through comprehensive training and mentorship, these girls learn, discover, and cultivate their agency, fostering a sense of purpose and drive for change. In addition to leadership support, we prioritize the well-being of our participants by ensuring access to menstrual hygiene products and cleaning kits, promoting good menstrual health hygiene and overall dignity. On March 4th of this year, we were honored to welcome distinguished guests from the Creative Action Practitioners Institute (CAPs) in Kenya. Among them were Clare Dowd, Louisa Trackman, Doris Kamathi, Wanjiru Ndung’u, and Madhavi, each bringing expertise and enthusiasm for our shared mission. The purpose of their visit was to witness firsthand the impact of the Sauti ya Dada Club on the girls and share with them about Creative Action Practitioners (CAPs) program which the girls will participate with other girls from different countries .This exchange not only highlighted our achievements but also paved the way for exciting collaborations and cross-cultural connections, offering our girls unparalleled opportunities for growth and global engagement.

ByTai Tanzania

Women`s Day

From: Mar 08, 2024 - To: Dec 31, 2024


Women`s day is celebrated worldwide on March 8th every year. This year women at Tai Tanzania and Tai plus joined together with millions of other women in the world to celebrate an amazing work that women do as we invest in women and accelerate progress. Together, we organized a small gathering and experienced moments of appreciation, happiness and fun.

ByTai Tanzania

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